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Limitless Events, LLC is owned by one local woman, Jennie Bartsch. She  started her business in 2012 with a small event and then decided to go bigger in 2013. Jennie has been involved in supporting the local community and her business; she prides herself on creating events that are fun for all ages and families.


Jennie is experienced in business marketing, advertising and direct sales, she  knows what is required to make a business more successful.

Limitless Events, LLC is a business that helps the direct sales companies, local crafters, home-based businesses, non-profit organizations and local small business get exposure. We are also able to do contracted business with larger businesses as well. Ask what we can do to plan for festivals and street fairs. We strive to offer excellent opportunities to businesses with a venue, advertising and exposure to cultivate their business. We are able to organize events all over Arizona. From vendor shows to many more opportunities in the surrounding areas.


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Casa Grande - Don Knox has been retired for about eight weeks. A few days before retirement, he started making hand-crafted pens from just about any material he could find.


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